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Tilak’s Gentle Yoga

Mondays, March 5 - April 23, 2018 | 11:00-12:15pm | $90/series and $15 for drop-ins | Register


Tilak Pyle

This gentle, stress-relieving yoga class is Pure Magic.  A person really can learn to relax and trust in movement from this place!!!  Perfect for those who like to listen to their body as they move. Yoga postures are integrated with the breath to build strength, flexibility, stamina, and mobility.  Tilak has been practicing yoga and meditation for 18 years and teaches yoga as an Intuitive Practice of Awareness. He holds degrees in Religious Studies, Literature & Religion, and has studied Sanskrit at the American Sanskrit Institute and the University of Virginia. His joy lies in facilitating meaningful experiences in the lives of his students. To learn more about Tilak:

KalaChakra QiGong

February 6 - April 24, 2018 | Tuesdays 6pm - 7:15pm | $90/series and $15 for drop-ins | Register


Marlice Vonck

KalaChakra Qigong is a transformational practice helping students increase willpower, sense of self, and connection to all. Open to all levels.  This mind-body-soul practice allows energy to flow to all parts of the body, promoting overall health, vitality and longevity. Dynamic postures and movement are done along with rhythmic, meditative music. Expect to move, breathe and stretch and to become balanced and revitalized. 

Marlice Vonck is a Holistic Veterinarian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her model of healing is based on resolving the root causes of any issues and working towards Thriving Health for all living beings. 

Sign up required: Email or call 540-320-4603

Finding Your YES with Alexander Technique & Yoga

Wednesday mornings Feb 7 - March 28, 2018 | 11-12:30 | $90 for 8-class series | $15 drop-in


Lydia Von Briesen

Lydia's yoga class will help you find your most profound source of motivation or "YES" - by developing an amazing listening quality she models and conveys.  Alexander Technique "directions" help anchor an open awareness as we move with tone and ease.  By applying Alexander Technique to yoga you will be invited verbally and with gentle hands-on-guidance to explore your own integration, invigoration and inspiration. This aspect of the Alexander Technique works beautifully in yoga practice.  Take your insights and awarenesses into daily life, where the benefits of practice really show up! Novice to advanced students welcome. This work is something you really don't want to miss! Great for Horse Women!

Wednesdays 11-12:30 in the Galleywinter Farm Fitness Studio.

Sound Seed Project: A Journey into Sacred Sound

3rd Saturdays of the month beginning Feb 2018 | 6-7pm | $20 | 6-7pm | $20 | Register


Tina Michelle

We are excited to have Tina Michelle, an experienced Yogi Practitioner, lead this phenomenal healing session. Sound Seed is a 60-min Sound Bath that offers a unique Spiritual Journey into Deep Meditation. Tina uses Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, and other Overtone-Emitting Instruments to create an environment conducive to deep relaxation, enhanced energy movement in the body, and for some - profound healing effects.

"Alongside her decades of dedicated yoga practice and teaching she emerged as a healer, first through the yogic tradition of Prana Healing. She received her initiation as a Reiki Master and currently offers both individual healing and group trainings and initiations. As part of Tina’s ongoing studies of spiritual and healing texts across many world traditions she also has an in-depth knowledge of Western philosophy and psychology and is a certified Hypnotherapist." 

Please join us at the farm for a wonderful opportunity to reset your autonomic nervous system!